Daily cases vs Daily Deaths

Daily cases of COVID-19 have been increasing since almost day one. And they are still increasing. But what does this mean? At the same time, the daily number of deaths has been decreasing since mid-April, and is continuing to decrease. This makes absolutely no sense.

Here’s a snapshot of worldwide daily cases as at 2 July 2020.

Daily New Cases as at 2 July 2020 (Worldometers.info)

Here is a snap shot of the worldwide Daily Deaths as at 2 July 2020.

Daily New Deaths as at 2 July 2020 (Worldometers.info)

How can you have the number of cases of COVID-19 not only being added to daily, but the number of cases being added daily increasing whilst at the same time the number of deaths daily is decreasing or remaining stable?

The number of so called cases has probably come about through increased testing. But what does it mean when despite increased testing, and the number of “cases” increasing, the number of deaths has continued to decrease. This all points to the testing and so called cases being a meaningless illusion designed to fool the population into thinking that the measures health authorities and governments are taking are meaningful.

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