Young Living Essential Oils

Breathe deeply. Our essential oils and oil blends take you on a sensory journey that can instantly soothe and enliven both body and mind.

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Thieves® Cleaning Products

The Thieves® essential oil blend was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who protected themselves from the plague with a combination of botanicals.

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#YLUnites Live Your Passion Rally

You are invited to join us for the #YLUnites Live Your Passion Rally.

Come and experience the benefits of Essential Oils for yourself and learn how to use them. Find out how you can live a chemical-free life by using Essential Oil infused household and personal products.

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Our Story

Occasionally something happens that has a real impact on your life. Last year it happened to us. We were plodding a long, trying to figure out how we could get off the merry-go-round of sick - not sick - sick - not sick, and even when we felt well, not really well. We knew something had to change.

Then a friend asked if we might be interested in something to help us live a healthier lifestyle. We were a little sceptical but willing to look. The clincher came when we tried the samples we were given. Ingrid opted for RC for respiratory support. She couldn’t believe the impact it had on her health and has never been happier. Graeme tried Peppermint for my seasonal health problems - just amazing.

Before we joined we spent time checking out the business. There are always plenty of nay-sayers, but we focused on the facts, and listened to people who had spent time with the founders of the business. We were impressed, with the integrity of the business, the purity and quality of the products and the generous compensation plan.

We quickly realised that Young Living was going to do more for us than improve our health. We were introduced to three families in our team whose health and finances had been completely transformed. All of them had been able to get rid of massive debt and have enough income to support them within just 12 months.

At our first class we had 3 people who all signed up. Six months later we have 25 in our team and together we are selling $3,500 in wholesale sales a month. In a couple of months it will be $6,500 and by the end of the year $16,000. The potential is just amazing, plus there’s a system to follow, so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel or do it all by yourself.

The best part is that essential oils really help people - and we love that! Even better, we are so much healthier, we are building relationships and having heaps of fun along the way!

Ingrid & Graeme

Experience the "oily" lifestyle for yourself....

Click on the "Join Young Living" button. Select either Wholesale Member or Retail Customer and click on "I was referred by a member..."

When prompted for an enroller and sponsor ID number on the next page, enter the number 12477229 in both spaces. Complete your details, ensuring you tick the box at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions.

If you chose to be a Wholesale Member you now have the option to join the Essential Rewards program before selecting your Starter Kit. Choose any other products you may wish to purchase, enter your payment method and you are done!

Welcome to the "oily" lifestyle! We will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have.