Australians subject to propaganda

What is propaganda

More than at any other time Australians are being subjected to a massive propaganda campaign from the Government, the Media and Social Media. Everywhere you turn, shopping centres, supermarkets, freeways, websites Australians are being bombarded with messages to self-isolate, and to stay at home. This is just one of the propaganda techniques being used on the Australian public. This technique is called Ad nauseam.

Another technique being used is Agenda setting.  This means the the fact that news media, social media, and government are influencing the importance placed on the topics in the public agenda. If a news item is covered frequently and prominently, the audience, us the public, will regard the issue as more important. Have you ever seen so much agenda setting in the current crisis. Australia has never been subjected to so much repetition and agenda setting. It’s everywhere, and constant.

Yet another technique being applied is the Appeal to fear. Appeals to fear seek to build support by instilling anxieties and panic in the general population, for example with the aid of the media, we’ve been told thousands could die, that hospitals would be overwhelmed, that this is much worse than influenza, and that there is no otherway except for social isolation and to shut down the country.

The last technique is even more insideous and that is the technique of Ad hominem. This technique attacks your oponent rather than the arguments. This sort of attack is used when arguments will not stand scrutiny, so rather than argue with reasoned arguments you try to discredit your opponent or in a related technique use Name-calling or Labeling to discredit or dismiss the opposing view. On social media, for example Facebook, if you post things that Facebook does not agree with your post is attacked as violating their community standards and then removed, or a so called fact check post is overlayed over your post labeling it as Fake News with the so called Fake News post denegrating the author or presenter. The level of this has increased dramtically in recent years and has been exacerbated in the current crisis.

I have only given a few of the propaganda techniques being applied to Australians at the moment. I’m sure if you go through the large list on Wikipedia (see here propaganda techniques) you will be amazed at how many techniques are being applied.

The problem with this is that the use of propaganda techniques usually means there is something to hide, and since the level of propaganda is worse than at any time in Australian history there is something seriously wrong that the don’t want Australians to figure out.

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