Thanks to everyone for a great Live Your Passion Rally!

Last Saturday we held our #YLUnites Live Your Passion Rally, and what a great afternoon we had! Dawn manned the registration desk as 18 eager people crowded into our home, full of anticipation about what they would see, hear, touch and smell at this event. In attendance were team members, cross-line members and some new faces.

We first ushered them into our kitchen/family room where an essential-oil infused afternoon tea awaited them. Delights such as Pineapple Lime Snowballs, Gluten Free Peppermint Brownies, Lemon Basil Energy Balls, Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Bites and a fruit platter with Citrus Fresh Fruit Dip awaited their senses.

As they chatted together and enjoyed their treats, washed down with Vito's famous coffee, they perused the product display tables and sniffed the samples of Premium Starter Kit oils.

Once everyone had arrived, we retired to the living room where we watched the videos and presentations kindly provided by Young Living. We were excited to learn about Symposium in February 2019 and Mastermind in August 2018. There were few dry eyes in the room when we saw the difference that the Young Living Foundation was making in lives overseas. We were impressed by Mike Buch's descriptions of the many test that our oils undergo before they reach us thanks to our Seed to Seal process. We were also thrilled by the launch of the new Seedlings range of products. Every attendee received a goodie bag full of helpful resources, and also a free 5ml Lavender Essential Oil provided by Young Living.

Guests holding Lavender Essential Oils
Everyone holding their free Lavender Essential Oils

The fellowship continued once more in the kitchen/family room over more coffee and treats, as Graeme demonstrated his now-famous Avocado Salsa recipe and Ingrid provided iTOVi readings for those who were interested. After everyone had finally drifted off home, we collapsed into our armchairs, tired but happy, knowing that everyone had enjoyed themselves.

The next Live Your Passion Rally is scheduled for Saturday July 14, 2018 so please save the date! We will provide more details closer to the day but we hope you can join us for another afternoon of oily fun and fellowship!

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