I’ve got an ITOVI – now what?

So what is an ITOVI? The iTOVi is a bio-impedance scanner. It combines bio-impedance, pressure sensor, temperature, and Bluetooth® technologies to generate personalised wellness evaluations. After you do a scan it produces a report giving the Essential Oils best matched to your body, that will help to improve your overall health and wellness.

After the ITOVI takes a scan of your body, it produces a list of recommended oils for you. You can choose to have it pick 3, 5, 7 or 10 oils. It places these in a report in priority order. So having had a scan and receiving the emailed report, what then?
Every body is different, so you can choose how you use the information. But for me, at first I tried to put the different oils on at different times during the day. No no no no! Great if you are that organised, but I’m not. I needed another solution.

My Recipe

Here’s my solution. I make up a roller bottle from a 15ml essential oil bottle. The first oil I add 10 drops, the second 9 drops and so on until I get to the end. The last one being 4 drops. Then I top up with carrier oil. So I have made the top oil the most concentrated, at about 4% concentration for the top oil and a bit under 2% for the last oil. The overall concentration in the bottle is almost 20%. You might want to do it differently.

Another way is to add a certain number of drops of each oil or blend. I only add the blends if they have similar components. If you add 5 drops of each oil, that 2% concentration for each oil. 5 Oils gives an overall concentration of 5% or 20% maximum for 10 oils.

How I use the oils

Then each morning and night I do the soles of my feet, my toes and the sides of my feet. I do behind me on both sides where my kidneys are and the same on the front, and I do the back and front of my neck, and I do it until the bottle I’ve made up runs out, then I do it all over again.

This seems to work for me, and my overall health is improving. I definitely have more energy, and colds and viruses aren’t bringing me down, and I’m sleeping better at night yada yada. There seems to be lots of ways this is helping.
Even though I bought one early on, I was still pretty sceptical, but I was prepared to give it a go and see. All I can say is after using it for a while I’m not so sceptical, it seems to know what I need before I do.

That’s my story what’s yours?

If you are interested in getting a free scan, and of course you are not to far away, then you can contact me, and see for yourself.

You can also get further information by following this link. https://www.itovi.com/training/

If you want to purchase one, you can do it here: https://goo.gl/7essEG

There’s a sample report on the following pages with seven oils shown in the report.

iTOVi Reading
iTOVi Reading
iTOVi Reading
iTOVi Reading
iTOVi Reading
iTOVi Reading
iTOVi Reading

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