I like Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo, like Young Living and a number of other things seem to come into your life at just the right time. With Marie Kondo, she may just be responsible for changing another part of my life. After being sick of watching movies that leave you feeling worse than you started or lovesick movies haha! on Netflix, we decided to watch Marie Kondo.

Wow! One thing she said just stuck. "As kids, we were often told to tidy up our rooms, but never shown how", and even if we were the method we were shown just didn't work. Hey, that's me. "Go tidy your room" says Mum, so I did as Mum had shown me, but pull out a t-shirt an hour later and everything comes undone. Unlike Mom's method Marie's method works!

So after seeing some of the show, I snuck off to our room, and an hour or so later, all my drawers with underwear, socks, t-shirts, jumpers were done, and they have been that way since. Ingrid can't believe it.

It's had an impact in other areas because that experience gave me hope, and the office is now far tidier, there's no business stuff in the kitchen or lounge (I'm an Engineer and work from home), and the storeroom is slowly changing.

"A place for everything and everything in it's place." I've heard that before, not just from Marie Kondo. So now I have an index of where things are in the storeroom. I need that because there are lot's of electronic components in there. So I'm labelling boxes Box-001, Box-002 etc and recording their location(Rack 1 level 1 to 4, Rack 2 etc) on a google sheet (spreadsheet) with a description and part number, and how many of them. So now I know where they are and how many.

It almost sounds OCD especially for me, but it's not, and it's saving me lots of stress and time. It's only taken 50+ years for this to happen, and I'm so grateful it has.

Articles about Marie Kondo can be found in many magazines shuch as Forbes Magazine, or online at her web site, on Netflix, or Youtube and of course Amazon.


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