Getting Info on Essential Oils

Abundant Health 4U
Abundant Health LLC

One of the things about Essential Oils is: How do you get information about what Essential Oils are good for?  This could be a hard problem. You could search the web every time and then spend hours sorting through all the information you have collected. There’s plenty of it and we’ve done it.

Another way to get help is belong to a group who are also interested in Essential Oils and then you exchange information with Facebook, Messenger and other apps that are part of the modern world. The best part is meeting up with those in the group to share ideas and get support. You could try out our group and facebook page – Lighting the Way to Essential Oils

Yet another way is to buy books and information from the one or two companies

that make providing this sort of information part of their mission.  One of those companies is: Abundant Health LLC. A quick google search will get you to their webs site.

Life Science Publishing
Life Science Publishing

Another is Life Science Publishing which has an Australian web site with excellent reference material.
Both of these companies also have apps in the Google Play store and on itunes. See their web site for details.




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