Whole-Life Wellness

Whole-Life Wellness

Welcome to Lighting The Way!  A few months ago we were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. We experienced immediate benefits from using Young Living essential oils and our general wellness has improved so much in such a short time that we wanted to share that experience with others.

If you are interested in your over all wellness and are interested in Exploring Essential Oils with us please follow our blog and our Facebook page.

We would love to answer your questions but because we have to stay compliant with the relevant authorities we can't respond to any questions about diseases or health issues. We would encourage you instead to Google the issue adding the words "essential oils" to the search as there is an amazing amount of information available online.

Essential Oils have been used for their health and beauty benefits since Bible times. Distillation methods may have changed, but the benefits to health and well-being remain the same. Essential Oils are an essential part of living a chemical-free, and natural lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us!

Meet the Team

Ingrid and Graeme Glenn are both avid Young Living Essential Oils users and wellness advocates because they have both personally experienced the benefits of Essential Oils.

Ingrid and Graeme are also looking forward to retirement, knowing that membership in Young Living Essential Oils is securing their financial future.

Photo of Ingrid Glenn

Ingrid Glenn

Avid Essential Oil User

When Ingrid first used Young Living Essential Oils she found immediate support for her respiratory system. She has also replaced all of the chemical-based cleaners and personal care products from their home with essential oil-infused products.

Email ingrid@lightingtheway.com.au to ask about her experiences with Essential Oils.

Photo of Graeme Glenn

Graeme Glenn

Avid Essential Oil Blender

Graeme has suffered most of his life from autoimmune issues that normal medicine could not resolve. However, since using Young Living Essential Oils, he has experienced a gradual but steady improvement in his health and energy levels and now feels years younger!

Email graeme@lightingtheway.com.au to ask about his experiences with Essential Oils.

Experience the "oily" lifestyle for yourself...

Click on the "Join Young Living" button. Select either Wholesale Member or Retail Customer and click on "I was referred by a member..."

When prompted for an enroller and sponsor ID number on the next page, enter the number 12477229 in both spaces. Complete your details, ensuring you tick the box at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions.

If you chose to be a Wholesale Member you now have the option to join the Essential Rewards program before selecting your Starter Kit. Choose any other products you may wish to purchase, enter your payment method and you are done!

Welcome to the "oily" lifestyle! We will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have.